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Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, we're turning API The Docs Portland & API The Docs Cologne-Bonn into a series of virtual events. Each edition will have 2-3 invited speakers, who will focus on a specific angle of API documentation and developer portals. The editions are scheduled until the end of June and they give a great opportunity to learn about the latest best practices and new trends of the field.

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Every format of API The Docs follows the ground rules of the Write The Docs community: be friendly, be respectful, be careful in the words that you choose. If you need to report any issue for a reason, please contact All reports will be kept confidential.

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Help us learn & improve the upcoming editions by filling in an anonymous poll. We appreciate every contribution since we're still experimenting with a lot of things ;)

Tickets for June are released

There'll be two Virtual editions in June and tickets (free) are now available on Eventbrite. Crowdcast links will be shared in an inmail after you register. Save your spot & see you at the events!

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Chris Cowell
Eight Hours to API Literacy: A Fast, Fun On-ramp for Writers
Michelle Fredette profile image
New Relic
Eight Hours to API Literacy: A Fast, Fun On-ramp for Writers
Uwana Ikaiddi profile image
Improving Your API Documentation from the Inside-Out
Larry Kluger profile image
Exploring an API with Blocks
Michael Haberman profile image
Hundreds of Microservices Without Breaking Your APIs
Egan Anderson profile image
How to Create a Developer-First Product
Tom Johnson profile image
How Trends in API Documentation Differ from Other Tech Comm Trends
Joan James profile image
Zebra Technologies
How the Open API Specification Led to Better REST API Design
Sarah Day profile image
What You Get When You Invest Non-docs Time in Docs Tools
Riley Siebel profile picture
Case Study: Creating a DocOps/Docs-As-Code DevPortal for
Mark Winberry
Case Study: Creating a DocOps/Docs-As-Code DevPortal for
Steph Mills profile image
A Path Through the Woods: Defining and Documenting Top API Use Cases
Bob Watson PhD profile image
Amazon Web Services
Write What Counts and Count What Counts
Jenny Wanger profile image
The UX of DX: User Testing in the Invisible World of APIs
Mike Jang profile image
Minimum Viable Documentation for RESTful APIs
Leah R. Tucker profile image
Designing a Future-proof API Program
Kristof Van Tomme profile image
Beyond API Spray & Pray: The Role of Developer Portals in Digital Transformation


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