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Machine-readable Developer Experience


Adam is a developer communicator and accidental marketer. He writes and speaks about technology, especially APIs, infrastructure, mapping and location. He has an interest in how technology solves problems, impacts business and connects people.

Adam brings developers together, helps them find new technologies, shares their creativity and help others join their ranks.

Previously he wrote for some of the web's most respected publications, including Wired and Webmonkey. He spent three years as the editor of ProgrammableWeb, the journal of the API economy. And he wrote the book on Map Scripting.

Talk description

Technical writing is a time-intensive art form. We bring the nuance and use cases into API documentation. Yet, machine–readable API descriptions have become more common, and with them automation. Tech writers should embrace these technologies as a way to expand the impact of our field. This session will take a technical look at developer experience and how machine–readable API descriptions can be used to improve DX. In addition to generating docs and SDKs, you'll see how these descriptions have the seeds of developer use cases, which is a huge opportunity for any API to inspire real usage.