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Laura Vass, co-founder of the API The Docs conference series, hosts documentarians and other practitioners from all across the API world to discuss the latest topics, new learnings and best practices around API documentation and developer portals.

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Empowered community through user-centered design - Discussion with Anthony Pichardo

25 August, 2023

With Anthony Pichardo, product manager at Visa Developer Platform, on the value of user-centered design and building non-zero sum environments where everyone wins. Community is not just an afterthought, it’s an integral part of strategy. The platform team conducts regular user research to gauge pain points, and constantly strives to minimize the learning curve to better serve the community’s needs.

Unified documentation hubs versus documentation islands - Discussion with Christoph Weber and Kristof Van Tomme

11 July, 2023

We explore how developer documentation hubs enable a unified information architecture, at least outwards: our guests Christoph Weber (Pronovix) and Kristof Van Tomme (Pronovix) talk about the nuanced, socio-technical nature of large scale documentation processes, the need for a central API docs team, and the future use of private LLMs.

Why convert from markdown to confluence? - Interview with Paula Cristina Vaz

30 June, 2023

Developers are the ones who know their APIs best, but they need an easy documentation process that wouldn’t be too different from the coding lifecycle to produce the technical documentation at scale. Senior technical writer Paula Cristina Vaz outlines the Documentation Framework at Farfetch, created to process markdown files and convert them to Confluence HTML. She talks about the page and document templates that help writers structure their documentation in a standardized way.

Innersource and the meaning of collaboration - Interview with Daniel Izquierdo and Kristof Van Tomme

07 June, 2023

In this episode Daniel Izquierdo (Bitergia) and Kristof Van Tomme (Pronovix) explained their journey with innersource and open-source communities.

The valuable problem: about Domain Driven Design with Luca Vettor

03 May, 2023

Business and technical personas may have different skills, and in many cases, they use different terminology. Luca Vettor (Information Architect at Deltatre) explained how Domain Driven Design and event storming create transparent communication between the two personas. What is induced and intrinsic complexity? How could we define the problem space when the customer is in a complex environment and their problems are intertwined? Luca Vettor helped us to answer these questions.

A love letter to technical writing – Interview with Fabrizio Ferri-Benedetti (Passo Uno)

12 April, 2023


Why did Fabrizio Ferri-Benedetti (Senior Staff Technical Writer at Splunk) write a love letter to technical writing? How could technical writers create a bridge between the different parts of a company? With an MSc in cognitive psychology, Fabrizio shares a nuanced perspective in his ‘Docs' hierarchy of priorities’ and associated metrics.