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Hundreds of Microservices Without Breaking Your APIs


Michael Haberman (MCT, MCPD, AWS solution architect, GDG organiser) is a senior consultant and Lecturer. He is a fullstack expert, which specializes in rich client technologies such as Javascript, HTML & CSS, Loves Node JS and AWS. Microservices is my new specialty.

Michael is the co–author of Microsoft’s official courses for Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps Using C# (20484C) and Advanced Windows Store App Development Using C# (20485C). Today, Michael is the Co-founder & CTO of Aspecto.

Talk description

Managing dozens or hundreds of microservices in scale and feel blind to how a new version might affect production? What if we could predict the behavior in production and anticipate issues during development just by observing on API communication?

In this talk, he will introduce a new method to collect and analyze API communication from production and how to leverage this data during development & testing phases to improve our code.

By relying on production behavior we can automatically generate API tests that are more efficient, catch dependencies that are about to break in real-life and to have our developers more product & production oriented.