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Jenny Wanger

The UX of DX: User Testing in the Invisible World of APIs


Jenny spent the past several years growing the SpotHero consumer product management organization. They started as a team of two who were struggling to stay ahead of their engineers to a group of five product managers with the playbooks to create great strategic roadmaps, run a constant stream of experiments, and be real partners to their teams and the rest of the company.

With 7+ years of product management experience she's had the privilege of working on a variety of products, from APIs and two-sided marketplaces to services and experiences. Throughout all of it, user-centered design has informed her approach. Using agile product development strategies, she combines quantitative and qualitative research to get the right data before committing to build.

As a public speaker Jenny focuses on practical ways in which product managers can improve their craft. She prides herself on sharing actionable advice that can help others improve how they do their jobs. She's a regular guest blogger on Mind the Product and occasionally writes for other sites as well.

Talk description

How you name, design, and structure your APIs all has a huge impact on usability. What you request and what you return in any given call can change your developer’s experience, and so just as we test usability in an app on a phone, we need to test usability of our products. In this session, we’ll cover a few different techniques and strategies you can use to run user testing on your APIs. Learn how to prototype and get quick answers to little questions, as well as how to conduct some more extensive studies to really target future features and major fixes for your product.