Showcase Your Developer Portal Online Series


4 October: DX Innovation

11 October: Onboarding

18 October: Accessibility

25 October: Business Alignment


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How do you manage your developer portal?

Join us for the exciting Showcase Your Developer Portal Online Series! Starting at 17:00 CEST on Wednesdays in October, this online series will feature insightful presentations by the remarkable nominees of the 2023 DevPortal Awards. It will be dedicated to the virtual tours of some of the most exceptional developer portals, providing valuable insights and actionable strategies to our global audience. Learn how to manage developer portal teams and what crucial metrics to look at, explore DX innovations, onboarding best practices and gain valuable business insights into enhancing the success of your API program.


October 4 – DX INNOVATION (Monite API Developer Portal, Codat Docs, Miro Developer Platform)
October 11 – ONBOARDING (Payments Hub Developer Portal, Cloudinary Docs, Mapbox Docs, Developer Hub Novopayment, Mercedes-Benz / developers)
October 18 – ACCESSIBILITY (Talkdesk Developer Documentation, Spotify for Developers, Nationwide Partner Portal)
October 25 – BUSINESS ALIGNMENT (Deutsche Börse Group Digital Business Platform, Masdr Developer Portal, UP42 Documentation Hub, Nexio Developer Portal, NewDay Developer Portal) 

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New virtual event platform!


We're going to use Remo for the Showcase series to create an atmosphere as real as face-to-face events. Our aim is to create a space where you can learn and build meaningful relationships with your peers. 

Jury Panel Announced


We are thrilled to reveal the incredible individuals who will carefully evaluate the Nominees of the 2023 DevPortal Awards, ensuring that excellence gets the recognition it truly deserves.



1 August: Registration opens
25 August: Speakers and schedule

4, 11, 18, 25 October: online events

15 November: Awards Gala, part 1
29 November: Awards Gala, part 2

Let's celebrate innovation together!


Valerie Uhl profile image

Valerie Uhl


Mercedes-Benz / developers

Ole Hejlskov profile image

Ole Hejlskov


Spotify for Developers

Anthony Roux profile image

Anthony Roux


Miro Developer Platform

Mira Balani profile image

Mira Balani


Miro Developer Platform

Paulo Victor profile image

Paulo Victor


Monite API Developer Portal

Polina Zaichkina profile image

Polina Zaichkina


Codat Docs

Max Clayton Clowes profile image

Max Clayton Clowes


Codat Docs

Megan Jackson profile image

Megan Jackson


NewDay Developer Portal

Tanvi Aggarwal  profile image

Tanvi Aggarwal


NewDay Developer Portal

Justin Travis profile image

Justin Travis


NewDay Developer Portal

Mira Boteva profile image

Mira Boteva

Deutsche Börse Group

Deutsche Börse Group Digital Business Platform

Jana Kolencikova profile image

Jana Kolencikova

Deutsche Börse Group

Deutsche Börse Group Digital Business Platform

Jackie Rosenzveig profile image

Jackie Rosenzveig


Cloudinary Docs

Garrett Winn profile image

Garrett Winn


Nexio Developer Portal

Chris Whong profile image

Chris Whong


Mapbox Docs

Laura Olson profile image

Laura Olson

North American Bancard

Payments Hub Developer Portal

Bryan Long profile image

Bryan Long

North American Bancard

Payments Hub Developer Portal

Kristie Rombach profile picture

Kristie Rombach

Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide Partner Portal

Brad Hohenbrink profile image

Brad Hohenbrink

Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide Partner Portal

Ana Duarte profile image

Ana Duarte


Talkdesk Developer Documentation

Abdullah S. Alalaji profile image

Abdullah S. Alalaji


Masdr Developer Portal

Sebastian Gomez Merizalde profile image

Sebastian Gomez Merizalde


Developer Hub Novopayment

Daria Lutchenko profile image

Daria Lutchenko


UP42 Documentation Hub


5:00-5:10 pm CEST

Networking at virtual tables

5:10-5:15 pm CEST

Welcome – DX Innovation

5:15-5:45 pm CEST

Paulo Victor: Monite API Developer Portal + Q&A

5:45-6:15 pm CEST

Polina Zaichkina, Max Clayton Clowes: Codat Docs + Q&A

6:15-6:45 pm CEST

Mira Balani, Anthony Roux: Miro Developer Platform + Q&A

6:45-7:00 pm CEST

Networking at virtual tables

5:00-5:05 pm CEST

Welcome – Onboarding

5:05-5:35 pm CEST

Laura Olson, Bryan Long: Payments Hub Developer Portal + Q&A

5:35-6:05 pm CEST

Jackie Rosenzveig: Cloudinary Docs + Q&A

6:05-6:35 pm CEST

Sebastian Gomez Merizalde: Developer Hub Novopayment + Q&A

6:35-7:05 pm CEST

Chris Whong: Mapbox Docs + Q&A

7:05-7:35 pm CEST

Valerie Uhl: Mercedes-Benz / developers + Q&A

7:35-7:45 pm CEST


5:00-5:05 pm CEST

Welcome – Accessibility

5:05-5:35 pm CEST

Kristie Rombach, Brad Hohenbrink: Nationwide Partner Portal + Q&A

5:35-6:05 pm CEST

Ana Duarte: Talkdesk Developer Documentation + Q&A

6:05-6:35 pm CEST

Ole Hejlskov: Spotify for Developers + Q&A

6:35-6:45 pm CEST


5:00-5:05 pm CEST

Welcome – Business Alignment

5:05-5:35 pm CEST

Jana Kolencikova, Mira Boteva: Deutsche Börse Group Digital Business Platform + Q&A

5:35-6:05 pm CEST

Abdullah S. Alalaji: Masdr Developer Portal + Q&A

6:05-6:35 pm CEST

Daria Lutchenko: UP42 Documentation Hub + Q&A

6:35-7:05 pm CEST

Garrett Winn: Nexio Developer Portal + Q&A

7:05-7:35 pm CEST

Tanvi Aggarwal, Justin Travis, Megan Jackson: NewDay Developer Portal + Q&A

7:35-7:45 pm CEST