API DOCS TRACK – December 9

Free conference track on API docs, developer portals and DX.

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Full-day API The Docs track at APIdays Paris 2020

The API Docs & DX track is an event for tech writers, API developers, product owners and developer evangelists who embrace documentation as a crucial aspect of a great developer experience. It is a great opportunity to share and discuss the latest best practices, strategies and new trends relevant to API documentation and developer experience!

Code of Conduct
Every format of API The Docs follows the ground rules of the Write The Docs community: be friendly, be respectful, be careful in the words that you choose. If you need to report any issue for a reason, please contact info@apithedocs.org. All reports will be kept confidential.


Shelby Switzer profile image

Shelby Switzer

US Digital Service

Build Your Own Documented & Tested Healthcare API in 30 Mins

Daniele Bernardi profile image

Daniele Bernardi


Health Oriented Design: How API Platforms Shape Themselves for a Safer Internet

Katrien Van Gijsel profile image

Katrien Van Gijsel

KBC Bank

Catering to the Hoodies and the Suits

M. Scott Ford profile image

M. Scott Ford


Communication is Just as Important as Code

Lorna Jane Mitchell profile image

Lorna Jane Mitchell


Create Delightful SDKs from Open API

Maarten Roosendaal profile image

Maarten Roosendaal


Transformation Towards a Platform

Jennifer Rondeau profile image

Jennifer Rondeau


Do You Know Who's Reading Your Docs?

Ben Gamble profile image

Ben Gamble

Ably Realtime

Docs, Demos and Developer Experience

Kathleen De Roo profile image

Kathleen De Roo

Pronovix Developer Portals

A Maturity Model for Developer Portals

Chris Ward profile image

Chris Ward


Automate Your API to Perfection

Ilona Koren-Deutsch profile image

Ilona Koren-Deutsch


Accessibility Matters

Vanjikumaran Sivajothy profile image

Vanjikumaran Sivajothy


A Sensible API Document Management Guide

Sarah Day profile image

Sarah Day


What You Get When You Invest Non-docs Time in Docs Tools


01:30-01:55pm CET

Chris Ward (Chronosphere): Automate your API to perfection

01:55-02:20pm CET

Lorna Jane Mitchell (Vonage): Create delightful SDKs from OpenAPI

02:20-02:45pm CET

Jennifer Rondeau (Stripe): Do you know who's reading your Docs?

02:45-03:10pm CET

M. Scott Ford (CorgiBytes): Communication is just as important as Code

03:10-03:30pm CET

Networking & Expo

03:30-03:55pm CET

Vanjikumaran Sivajothy (Equinix): A sensible API Document Management guide

03:55-04:20pm CET

Sarah Day (LaunchDarkly): What you get when you invest Non-Docs time in Docs tools

04:20-04:45pm CET

Ilona Koren-Deutsch (Nuna): Accessibility matters

04:45-05:10pm CET

Daniele Bernardi (Twitter): Health oriented design: how API platforms shape themselves for a safer internet

05:10-05:35pm CET

Shelby Switzer (US Digital Service): Build Your Own Documented & Tested Healthcare API in 30 Mins

11:05-11:30am CET

Kathleen De Roo (Pronovix): A maturity model for Developer Portals

11:30-11:55am CET

Maarten Roosendaal (bol.com): Transformation towards a platform

11:55-12:20pm CET

Katrien Van Gijsel (KBC Bank): Catering to the Hoodies and the Suits

12:20-12:45pm CET

Ben Gamble (Ably Realtime): Docs, Demos and Developer Experience

12:45-01:30pm CET

Networking & Expo