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Create Delightful SDKs from Open API


An enthusiastic, organised individual with a software engineering background. As a Developer Advocate Lorna listens to developers both online and IRL and then work to improve their experience whether by talking or by patching. She loves to write and is a published author; she is also a very experienced and engaging technical conference speaker. Lorna is passionate about open source and helping developers to make even more awesome things than they did already, and she's happiest when her GitHub graph is green.

Talk description

OpenAPI is a standard for creating a very detailed and machine-readable description of your API. Once you have that, the machines can use it to create all sorts of goodness. This session will focus on how generated SDKs can fit into a Developer Experience strategy, enabling users to generate code for their own use, or going a step further and curating captivating libraries with accurate, maintainable, generated code at its core. We'll look at some examples, and some occasions when the fairy tale may not be all we hoped it would be. This session is recommended for anyone with an interest in Developer Experience for APIs.