The First-Ever Online Conference about the Intersection of Generative AI and API Documentation

There’s no doubt that AI is already transforming business operations and the API space in several ways. Let’s discover what key trends are reshaping API documentation through practical examples, and explore how organizations can adapt to stay at the forefront of innovation.

The conference will emphasize existing use cases for generative AI tools in API documentation and developer portals. Participants can expect in-depth discussions on improving AI readiness within organizations, real-world examples of AI tools in practice, and the exploration of new dimensions in API docs with Generative AI.


No recaps this time

With AI The Docs, we've decided to discontinue our tradition of sharing recap articles and presentation recordings with the entire API The Docs community. Access to the talk recordings following the conference will require a ticket.

Thank you for your understanding!

Time zone info

The Schedule will be available from March. It will accommodate the GMT / London time zone.

To mitigate any inconvenience regarding time zones, AI The Docs will share the presentation recordings with registered attendees a few days after the conference.

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We welcome all providers to show their LLM tools, explain their solutions, and explore real market needs.


Meaghan Choi: Asian American woman wearing a black top with grey cardigan

Meaghan Choi


CLIs and LLMs: the renaissance of the prompt based experiences

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The API Workflows Specification – Unlocking API Value for Humans and Machines

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Principles of prompt engineering and how to apply them to various API documentation use cases

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Mike Jang


Helping AI Hallucinate: It's a Whole New Language!

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Ellis Pratt


Streamlining API Documentation Updates: Leveraging GenAI for Enhanced Efficiency and Accuracy