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Chris Chinchilla

Writing for Robots


Automated processes and tools have been reading our content for some time, building humongous databases of our carefully crafted words so people can actually find them buried across the vast swathes of the internet.

And now, even more automated processes and machines are reading our content, packaging it into large models that make sense to few but bring sense to so many.

A lot of you listening and watching right now are probably afraid of what might happen to your job prospects over the coming years, and I am here to show you how, for the short term, your work will be more valuable than ever. Just maybe less directly to human consumers than before.

In this practical session, I step through how you can make your writing more understandable by the machines reading it, including layout, language, semantic elements, and hidden content. Improving these aspects improves not only the content that can form part of the large language models fuelling the new interfaces to instructional content but also improves things for more traditional machine readers such as search engine crawlers and screen readers.



Chris is an independent Technical Communicator. After 15 years as a developer he realised that his skills lie in helping others understand technical subjects. He achieves this through technical writing, blogging, networking and educating people through presentations and workshops. He writes for sites that rank amongst the most popular sites on the internet, startups that have won international awards and he has presented at events in every corner of the World.