Full-day API The Docs track at APIdays Paris 2019

The API Docs & DX track is an event for tech writers, API developers, product owners and developer evangelists who embrace documentation as a crucial aspect of a great developer experience. It is a great opportunity to share and discuss the latest best practices, strategies and new trends relevant to API documentation and developer portals!

APIdays Paris, the main event

APIdays Paris is about all recent technologies and business models associated to APIs. 100+ speakers will be invited to speak and share their experience regarding "From Legacy to Agile, From Product to Ecosystems".

Day 1 will focus on the technological aspect of APIs, with talks and keynotes about REST, GraphQL, gRPC, Serverless, OpenAPISpec/Swagger, Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes, Kong, Kubernetes, OAuth, OpenId Connect, JWT etc. There will be 5 tracks, with API Documentation & Developer Experience being one of them!

Code of Conduct

APIdays, through its series of conference, research and educational activities is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for participants at all of our events. APIdays events are deigned for professional networking and collaboration within the API community. Its guiding principle is to foster the open exchange of ideas and expression and require an environment that recognizes the inherent worth of every person and group. Any participants, including members, speakers, attendees, volunteers, sponsors, exhibitors, booth staff and anyone else, should not engage in harassment in any form.
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Live agenda


Due to the ongoing strike action in Paris, some speakers cancelled their talk. Please check the live program in the conference app or on https://www.apidays.co/paris. We keep updating the agenda below too!

Lineup & schedule is final


We're super excited about the program – you'll hear talks on API design, SDK development, ways of improving developer experience, devportal journeys, and methods of API documentation & technical writing.
Can't wait to meet you in Paris!



Since the Docs track is one of the many tracks of the 3-day event, you can register through APIdays Paris only. Early-bird tickets are available until 31 October.


Vlad Stirbu profile image

Vlad Stirbu


Your Docs are Good. Make Them Better with Continuous Automation!

Adeel Ali profile image

S. Adeel Ali


Increasing API Adoption via a Code Playground

Jaap Brasser profile

Jaap Brasser


API SDK Development: Lessons Learned

Julia Elman

Julia Elman

Ad Hoc

Designing APIs for Humans: Leveraging UX Methods For Develop Human Centered APIs

Ilona Koren-Deutsch profile image

Ilona Koren-Deutsch


Lessons Learned from Rebuilding a Developer Documentation Website

Prabhjot Singh profile image

Prabhjot Singh


Lessons Learned from Rebuilding a Developer Documentation Website

Nathaniel Okenwa profile image

Nathaniel Okenwa


A Balanced Diet of Documentation

Mike Budzynski profile image

Mike Budzynski

Microsoft Azure

Six Principles of the Next Generation Developer Portal

Kenigbolo Meya Stephen profile image

Kenigbolo Meya Stephen


Continuous Documentation - The Best Time is Now

Kristof Van Tomme profile image

Kristof Van Tomme


Scaling API Docs: A Role for Developer Portals in Digital Transformation

Sponsors and Organisers


11:40-12:05 S. Adeel Ali: Increasing API Adoption via a Code Playground

This session will elucidate what is an API Code PlayGround, and how does it create a phenomenal developer experience.

12:05-12:30 Jaap Brasser: API SDK Development - Lessons Learned

Building a solid API is a challenge but getting our APIs to be adopted by a larger audience, we quickly realized that having solid SDKs is the key element.

12:30-12:55 Julia Elman: Designing APIs for Humans: Leveraging UX Methods For Develop Human Centered APIs

This talk is focused on how we leverage human centered design in the civic tech space to create robust and meaningful APIs that help meet Veterans needs. It focuses on teaching how to collaborate cross discipline to create a healthy API ecosystem.

12:55-14:00 Lunch break

Grab your lunch in the sponsor area.

14:00-14:25 Kristof Van Tomme: Scaling API Docs: A Role for Developer Portals in Digital Transformation

Developer experience is a key predictor for a successful API program. But how do you go about making a great DX at scale? If you are a startup there are many models in the API community you can emulate. But what if you are running a large API initiative as part of a digital transformation program, how will you do so consistently at scale? What are the pitfalls? What should you consider when choosing the governance model and technology for your devportal?

14:25-14:50 Mike Budzynski: Six Principles of the Next Generation Developer Portal

At Microsoft Azure API Management, we took up a challenge of building the next generation developer portal for thousands of our customers.

We distilled the essence of developer portals by rethinking their purpose, collecting customers’ feedback, and researching the trends and available solutions. Then, we built our new developer portal based on these findings

14:50-15:15 Ilona Koren-Deutsch & Prabhjot Singh: Lessons Learned From Rebuilding a Developer Documentation Website

Learn what went well and what didn’t, when Ilona, a technical writer, and Prabhjot, a software engineer, share the story of revamping the developer documentation website at Twitch.

15:15-15:40 Vlad Stirbu: Your Docs are Good. Make Them Better with Continuous Automation!
15:40-16:15 Break

Grab a coffee in the sponsor area.

16:15-16:40 Nathaniel Okenwa: A Balanced Diet of Documentation

Documentation isn’t always straightforward. Tutorials, QuickStarts, References. It can be difficult to know where to start.

16:40-17:05 Kenigbolo Meya Stephen: Continuous Documentation - The best time is now

Bad or non existent documentations are almost always the ripple effect of not writing documentation when it matters. In this talk I’ll take a quick deep dive into the importance of “Continuous Documentation” and how this is important for creating an amazing developer experience.



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