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Mike Budzynski

Microsoft Azure

Six Principles of the Next Generation Developer Portal


Mike lives and breathes technology and innovation. By day he contributes to the stellar growth of Microsoft's cloud computing platform, by night he explores up-and-coming business opportunities and technological breakthroughs. Mike believes the future is now and he's excited to play an active role in the digital revolution.

Talk description

At Microsoft Azure API Management, we took up a challenge of building the next generation developer portal for thousands of our customers.

We distilled the essence of developer portals by rethinking their purpose, collecting customers’ feedback, and researching the trends and available solutions. Then, we built our new developer portal based on these findings.

In this session you will hear the lessons we learned. You will understand why and how to account for the six principles of a modern developer portal:

- Scale and simplicity. How can we serve tens of thousands of concurrent users across the globe?
- Roles. How can we be inclusive and create best possible experience for designers, content editors, and developers?
- Intent abstraction. How can we abstract the content and look of the portal from its codebase and ensure safety of updates?
- Automation and dev-ops. How can we script and automate management of the portal?
- Look and feel. How can we incorporate the latest design trends and craft a remarkable web experience for API consumers?
- Open source. How can we make the portal publicly available?