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API SDK Development: Lessons Learned


Jaap is a Developer Evangelist and a Microsoft MVP with a big passion for scripting and automation. As an IT professional Jaap is part of several professional communities, speaks & organizes technical events and writes articles on a variety of subjects on his personal blog and other websites or magazines.

Talk description

Building a solid API is a challenge but getting our APIs to be adopted by a larger audience, we quickly realized that having solid SDKs is the key element.

At Rubrik we have been developing SDKs to supplement our APIs for over 3 years and during this process we have been making sure our SDKs provide a seamless experience for end-users to consume. When breaking API changes occur during the development of our product.

The key takeaways of this session are:

* How to strategize SDK development against an ever-changing API
* Securely open-source your SDK development process