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Continuous Documentation - The Best Time is Now


Stephen is a Software Engineer with a strong passion for solvIng problems via creativity in Software Development. His passion goes beyond writing code mostly because he sees programming simply as his choice tool for problem solving (which is what programming should be anyways).

He's a tech speaker who enjoys sharing my knowledge. He speaks at tech conference on diverse topics which can range from JavaScript Ecosystem, Software Engineering for beginners, Diversity in tech, team cohesion all through tech leadership and open source. Having graced different stages both small and large, he looks forward to giving a keynote talk on Tech Diversity someday ?

In his spare time Stephen is a football player/coach (soccer as Americans call it), amateur golfer and Tennis hobbyist. He builds tiny JavaScript modules for developers on npm via and volunteer as an open source engineer at

Talk description

Bad or non existent documentations are almost always the ripple effect of not writing documentation when it matters. In this talk I’ll take a quick deep dive into the importance of “Continuous Documentation” and how this is important for creating an amazing developer experience.

The importance of documentation cannot be over emphasised. In todays world where we have several buzz words with the suffix “continuous” e.g. “Continuous Integration”, “Continuous Deployment” etc. I believe it is imperative to introduce the audience to the concept of “Continuous Documentation”. Having encountered a documentation bottleneck at my current role as an Engineering Team Lead I coined the phrase “Continuous Documentation” which in plain language means the “Continuous writing and improvement of documentation along with development” hence the phrase “the best time to write the docs is now”.