How do you document an API?

How do you build a good developer portal? What types of information does it need to have a great developer experience? And how do you implement changes in large and complex documentation sets?


Through its four years of existence, API The Docs has become the leading documentation conference in APIs. It’s an event series dedicated to tech writers, product owners, developer advocates and other members of API teams who want to deep dive in API documentation and explore how it relates to a great developer experience.

The organizers switched the conference format to API The Docs Virtual, an online event series. With the exception of the one-day track within APIDays Paris, the conference sessions in 2023 are held in the virtual space, real-time.

If you individually or your organization would be willing to financially support the API The Docs conferences, please visit the Support page. 


Virtual 2023

25 January

8 February

22 February

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December 9, 2020

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Virtual 2020

May-November, 2020

Recaps & slides
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10 December, 2019

Recaps & slides
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10-11 October, 2019

Recaps & slides
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