One-day conference about API documentation and developer portals

API The Docs is an event for tech writers, API developers, product owners and developer evangelists who embrace documentation as a crucial aspect of a great developer experience. The conference is a great opportunity to share and discuss the latest best practices, strategies and new trends relevant to API documentation and developer portals!

What's new

Previous editions were hosted with the help of generous sponsors, but now we are renting an amazing auditorium at the Barbican Centre to be able to welcome more documentarians and API practitioners.

Speaker Selection Committee

Introducing a Speaker Selection Committee in Paris proved to be a good idea, speakers delivered excellent talks. So we decided to invite people from the documentation community again. We are thrilled to announce that Anne Gentle, Jennifer Lambourne, Laura Vass and Chris Ward confirmed to select talks for London! Proposals are accepted until September 15th, and the agenda is expected in early October.

Post-conference Networking

The Barbican Centre also hosts our post-conference networking, which is part of the gala event of the DevPortal Awards. We plan it to be a 3-hour gathering with cold snacks, canapés, mocktails and some beer & wine. The first part of the evening will be devoted to the Awards ceremony and the second part will give an excellent opportunity for socializing and networking with peers from the API community.

Code of Conduct

API The Docs follows the ground rules of the Write The Docs community: be friendly, be respectful, be careful in the words that you choose. This Code of Conduct applies to the post-conference networking event as well.



Sophie Rutard photo
Euler Hermes
The API BizDev Portal
Nick Bradley photo
Documenting Hypermedia APIs
Richard Thomchick photo
VMware's Journey to Deliver Developer Portals as a Service
Emmelyn Wang photo
Content Strategy for DevPortals
Andrew Johnston photo
The trials and tribulations of the API style guide
Tony Heap photo
HM Revenue & Customs
HMRC Developer Hub - an Experience Report
Mick Schonhut photo
HM Revenue & Customs
HMRC Developer Hub - an Experience Report
Lorna Jane Mitchell
Introduction to OAS
Atsushi Nakatsugawa photo
How to create the API document from real API and localization
James Scott photo
Is GraphQL really "self-documenting"?
Joyce Lin photo
The Ultimate API publisher’s guide
Cristiano Betta photo
I try to use your API, you won't believe what happens next (live testing)
Luis Weir photo
API design for Microservices using Apiary



08:30-09:30 / Arrival & Registration
Onsite registration with morning coffee and mini Danish pastries on Level 4 at the Frobisher Rooms. Registration is mandatory, please do not forget to show up at the desk. Thank you!
09:30-09:45 / Welcome
Welcome by Kristof Van Tomme
09:45-10:15 / Lorna Jane Mitchell: Introduction to OAS
OAS (the successor to Swagger) is a machine- and human-readable way of describing your APIS. From OAS, you can generate documentation, code and an abundance of other Good Things (TM).
10:15-10:45 / Andrew Johnston: The Trials and Tribulations of the API Style Guide
So you’re a technical writer and you need to work on an API written by a multitude of developers and stakeholders. You might feel like Sherlock Holmes trying to put all the pieces together ! This talk chronicles my journey writing Shopify’s API style guide that we used to add order to the chaos!
10:45-11:00 / Coffee break
Grab your coffee at the Frobisher Room.
11:00-11:30 / Emmelyn Wang: Content Strategy for DevPortals
Want some practical ways to benchmark the launch or improvement of your developer portal? As an expert in technical communication, APIs, and developer experience, I’ll share ways to increase your digital presence to engage and compel your audience to keep coming back for more!
11:30-12:00 / Tony Heap, Mick Schonhut: HMRC Developer Hub - An Experience Report
HMRC is at the forefront of API development within UK Government. We’ve been building and iterating our Developer Hub and API Platform over the past 24 months, and are currently hosting no fewer than 48 tax and customs-related APIs. In this talk we’ll explain what we have learned along the way.
12:00-13:10 / Lunch break @ the Barbican Centre
Classic sandwich lunch with crisps, coffee and water at the Frobisher Room
13:10-13:30 / Sophie Rutard: The API BizDev Portal
We tend to call it Developer portal, but in reality we have to address many more stakeholders than “just” developers. Especially when your APIs are linked to a complex (although market-leading!) B2B trade insurance product. We give it a try…
13:30-13:50 / Luis Weir: API Design for Microservices Using Apiary
It’s not news anymore that Microservices are changing the way systems are designed and built, however what’s rarely discussed is how microservice APIs are designed and managed thru the full cycle. This presentation is all how to apply API-design first strategies into Microservices Architectures.
13:50-14:10 / Richard Thomchick: VMware's Journey to Deliver Developer Portals as a Service
For many enterprises, publishing API docs is a lot like herding cats. In this talk, we’ll show you how VMware herds cats at scale with a framework that delivers developer portals as-a-service and provides developers ubiquitous access to API docs and other resources on the web and in VMware products.
14:10-14:30 / Coffee break
Grab your coffee at the Frobisher Room.
14:30-15:00 / James Scott: Is GraphQL Really "Self-documenting"?
Developers are raving about how GraphQL is “self-documenting” and how it doesn’t need docs but I disagree. I want to debunk the self-documenting myth, talk about why naming is so important in GraphQL and explain why technical writers still have a key role to play in its documentation.
15:00-15:30 / Nick Bradley: All Resources Are Equal, but Some Are More Equal than Others - Documenting Hypermedia APIs
Hypermedia, HATEOAS, HAL. Technologies that people have heard of and use, but few know much about. Documenting Hypermedia APIs with traditional tools is hard. We think we’ve found a way to break it down and show off the benefits for integrators, all with our own collection of API specs.
15:30-15:50 / Coffee break
Grab your coffee at the Frobisher Room.
15:50-16:20 / Atsushi Nakatsugawa: How to Create the API Document from Real API and Localization
Sometime, real API and documentation have deep groove. So I have decided to create document from real API request and response. At first, I have created swagger from API response. After that, I have published mkdocs documents from swagger.
16:20-16:50 / Joyce Lin: The Ultimate API Publisher’s Guide
API documentation is not a new topic, but we still have undocumented APIs and poorly documented ones. For both public and private APIs, the documentation can make or break the developer experience. Learn how to build awareness, gain adoption, and maintain your API documentation.
16:50-17:20 / Cristiano Betta: I Try to Use Your API, You Won't Believe What Happens Next (live testing)
How sure are you that your product is easy to use? Have you tested it? With real users? What about complete novices? In this talk I’ll be picking 1 random product out of a bag and try to make a 1st integration before the end of the session. Can I manage? Do you dare to put your product in the bag?
17:20-17:30 / Wrap-up & Thank You
Closing by Kristof Van Tomme
20:00-22:30 / Networking Event & DevPortal Awards Gala
After a whole-day API The Docs conference, The Barbican Centre also hosts the post-conference networking event in the evening.


Barbican Centre: Silk St, London EC2Y 8DS


in collaboration with the Write the Docs London meetup group

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