API The Docs 2017
All aspects of API documentation

How do you document APIs?

How do you build a good developer portal? What technologies do you use? What types of documentation do you need?

Interest in API documentation is rapidly growing in tech writing circles. But it’s not just tech writers that are interested in the subject: API developers, product owners, and developer evangelists are also embracing documentation as a crucial aspect of a great developer experience.

We believe there is a need for an event where people new to the subject can learn from each other, find their position in this new ecosystem, and meet experienced api-focused documentarians. That is why, together with the Write the Docs communities from North America, Sydney, Amsterdam and London we are organising a series of day-long events just for this purpose: a Write The Docs mini-conference specialised in API docs. An opportunity to share and discuss the latest best practices, new trends, and strategies relevant to API documentation.

The events will center around the extended regional tech writer communities. While initiated by Pronovix, a company that specialises in developer portals, API the Docs is meant to be an event by the community - for the community. That is why we will work with local organisers to make the event as inclusive as possible. We will keep event prices as low as possible (free if we can) and publish recordings of the presentations online, in line with the open access policy of the Write the Docs community.

The events follow the model of the API the Docs London 2017 that was organised in collaboration with GDS.

June 20, 2017.
December 4, 2017
North America
To be confirmed

Planned topics

  • Editorial workflows & writing formats and how they can be used in API teams (Git based workflows, documentation formats like DITA, Markdown, ReStructuredText, Docbook, etc.)
  • Portal technologies (Static HTML pages vs CMSs, different solutions)
  • API portal strategy & tactics (positioning, viral loops, personas, evangelism)
  • Top portal showcases
  • Developer portal features, components, and products (SDKs, development sandboxes, API quality signals, etc.)
  • API Specification languages (Swagger, RAML, Blueprint, etc.)

Call for proposals

Want to share your knowledge or have an interesting story about the topics above?

Submit your proposal on PaperCall.

For any questions about the program, send a mail to: info@apithedocs.org