Wultra Developer Portal

Wultra Developer Portal

Petr Dvorak

For the 2021 autumn season of API The Docs, 16 DevPortal Awards nominee teams share the highlights of their devportal journey. Each team will introduce the best features of their sites, share their experiences, talk about their future plans, and participate in Q&A sessions.


About the session


Date: 6 October, 2021


Petr Dvorak (Wultra CEO) will introduce the Wultra developer portal. The site was nominated in the "Best API Reference Documentation & Support", "Best Findability of Products in a Devportal", "Best Accessible Devportal" and "Best Design" categories for the Devportal Awards 2021.


About the portal

"Wultra provides leading banks and fintech companies with security solutions for their internet and mobile apps. Financial institutions can meet compliance with the regulatory requirements, and more importantly, detect and stop cyberattacks and protect their apps against a wide range of threats. The Wultra developer portal is an integral part of the product propositions since it helps developers navigate the complex ecosystem of cybersecurity products.

We believe that our decision to make our product documentation public and release most of the software as open-source is a game-changer. We differentiate from the proprietary banking security solutions that are incomprehensive and often misleading by being open, transparent, and available for questions at any time, to anyone.

We selected all categories that are relevant to our documentation type.

- We are confident that our developer has a superb design and looks gorgeous.
- We invested extra time in improving documentation for various documentation types, such as the RESTful APIs or database structures to support our developers in navigating the docs, and we have an instant real-time chat for support.
- We also prioritized our products and put them clearly and prominently on the home page. We built something we can be proud of, and we made the developer portal our product showcase.
- Finally, while we still have room for improvement, we spent extra effort on documentation accessibility."


Recaps are published: watch Wultra’s devportal demo and Q&A on the Pronovix recap page »