Reonomy Technical Documentation

Peter Henderson

For the 2021 autumn season of API The Docs, 16 DevPortal Awards nominee teams share the highlights of their devportal journey. Each team will introduce the best features of their sites, share their experiences, talk about their future plans, and participate in Q&A sessions.


About the session


Date: 13 October, 2021


Peter Henderson (Software Engineer and Technical Writer) will introduce the Reonomy developer portal. The site was nominated in the "Best API Reference Documentation & Support", "Best Design", and "Best New DX Innovation" categories for the Devportal Awards 2021.


About the portal

"The Reonomy API reference is autogenerated from an OpenAPI spec combined with custom handwritten content. The site is built on page load after fetching the latest version of the spec, ensuring the site is always up-to-date without requiring a new CI/CD build every time the spec changes.

The Parameters and Response sections are rendered using D3. This gives a very compact yet readable format that works well for exploring nested hierarchies, versus the more typical nested expansion panels.

Short-form attribute details are displayed within the tree, while hovering over the attribute name displays the full details within a popover. Clicking an attribute within the Parameters section opens the Query Builder popover that lets you build custom HTTP requests within a fully interactive environment. Helpers let you make selections, build arrays, import GeoJSON, etc.

The autogenerated code is displayed in any of three languages, ready to copy/paste. If you've entered a valid API token, you can run requests directly from the API reference's code component to see the response. Tooltip descriptions are available by clicking the attribute names within the response section."


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