Onfido Developer Hub

Phoebe Baxter & Francesca Gaunard & David Vilf

For the 2021 autumn season of API The Docs, 16 DevPortal Awards nominee teams share the highlights of their devportal journey. Each team will introduce the best features of their sites, share their experiences, talk about their future plans, and participate in Q&A sessions.


About the session


Date: 20 October, 2021


Phoebe Baxter (Software Technical Writer), Francesca Gaunard (Technical Writing Lead) and David Vilf (Senior Product Manager) will introduce the Onfido developer hub. The site was nominated in the "Best API Reference Documentation & Support", "Best Findability of Products in a Devportal", "Best Design", and "Best Onboarding" categories for the Devportal Awards 2021.


About the portal

"The Onfido Developer Hub is the centre of technical content for Onfido's identity verification services. Built and designed around customer needs, it hosts a complete range of content enabling customers to integrate, understand and interact with the Onfido API, input-capture SDKs and developer tools.

Onfido's Developer Hub provides a vast, and varied array of content aimed at all levels of expertise from onboarding quick-start guides to comprehensive technical reference pages. Yet the Developer Hub is more than content alone, with links to custom built client libraries, developer tools and input-capture SDKs, it encompasses all developer needs in a single location. A user-centric approach has resulted in a portal that is designed and written to provide a seamless, easy entry point into Onfido's services, resulting in top class developer experience for users.

In addition, Onfido's API reference has undergone several significant changes to maximise developer experience and streamline information architecture including:

- implementation of federated search across all Developer Hub, API reference and SDK reference content
- migration to a new design system featuring collapsible code examples
- addition of SDK reference content to the API reference to create a single Technical Reference including a custom built switcher
- API version specific pages for minor and major API version releases"


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