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Measure and improve API references with use cases: challenges and best practice


I’m a web-savvy technical writer by day, comic book/sci-fi lover/movie buff, taking care of my doggo Ripley the rest of the time. By the sound of my dog’s name, you can probably guess the name of my favorite movies.

I’m also a content developer with a product ownership and delivery mindset. Helping teams to bring outstanding developer experiences to life with inclusive and practical content. Thriving in a fast-paced environment, gravitating towards dedicated teams of professionals and projects with a soul.

Talk description

I’d like to share how technical writers can pair up with product and development teams to measure and improve API references usability with additional content: use cases and best practices. We’ll take a closer look at the API design challenges and practical solutions.

We’ll touch on the importance of spotting development and product biases when designing and developing the APIs, especially if technical writers were not involved in the process early on. I’ll share examples of how I work with multiple teams and manage dependencies, the tools we use, and the organizational methods we rely on to collaborate effectively.

I will guide everyone through an API reference review example and discuss how writers can use API reviews as a way to get everyone, from design to development, on the same page.