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Scaling your API-first product strategy


David is a passionate and high energy product leader with an entrepreneurial, technical and commercial mindset. He loves contributing to high impact problems such as his current focus on tackling identity fraud at Onfido, where he is a product manager looking after the API and developer experience. David has a multi-cultural background, speaks 4 languages and in his free-time enjoys travelling around the world. Some of his favourite hobbies are krav maga, discovering new music, trying out new food and practicing mindfulness. In his free time David also acts as a product instructor and mentor for new product makers. https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidvilf/

Talk description

We’re an API-first company that solves the complex problem of identity fraud for a large, global customer base. We’ll share stories of how we’ve adopted and adapted our API growth and governance strategy, product development process, and approach to developer experience as we’ve scaled.