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Swagger to the Core: A Code First Approach to Deploying OpenAPI


Anthony T. Sansone writes about database management tools as a senior technical writer for MongoDB. He has presented at API the Docs twice before. Tony lives in Oak Park, Illinois, USA and has a master's degree in technical communication from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Talk description

The plan to move to the OpenAPI Specification appeared simple.

Step 1: Add specialized comments to our Java code. Step 2: ... Step 3: Use your complete specification!

Step 2 had more to it than this. Issues arose in conceptualization, in workflow, and in code. Sure, the idea of adding annotations seemed simple until you consider the nested nature of the Swagger-Core documentation, questions around which teams are responsible for annotation and review, and modifying code to create the exact experience you want for your API users.

In his session, Tony will teach you how to use Swagger-Core to create an API specification. If you are an experienced technical writer looking to make this change or are just interested in hearing about how to roll out Swagger-Core, this session is definitely for you.

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