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Laura Vass, co-founder of the API The Docs conference series, hosts documentarians and other practitioners from all across the API world to discuss the latest topics, new learnings and best practices around API documentation and developer portals.

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Teaching and Learning Git - Discussion with Anna Skoulikari

29 April, 2024

When it comes to learning Git, it can be daunting to navigate the plethora of learning resources out there. Recognising the need for a visually engaging all-levels experience, Anna Skoulikari (JetBrains) decided to write her own self-study book to help learners along the way.

Install ways to check on the overall health of the portal - Conversation with Rachel Lee Nabors

09 April, 2024

Welcome back to our two parts episode with Rachel Lee Nabors, we continue with talking about developer portal stakeholders and your metrics based approach.

React.dev and storyboarding with Rachel Lee Nabors

09 April, 2024

Welcome Rachel Lee Nabors, one of the creators behind the grand award-winning react.dev portal where all 600+ code examples are manipulable, and in each section’s "code challenges," learners are encouraged to fix broken examples by following clues left by the core team.


On the management track - conversation with Claire Waters

28 March, 2024

Drawing from her role as a wayfinder, Claire Waters (Senior Manager – Product Content Experience, Cloudflare) shares her team’s using the COIN methodology for embracing AI tools as a team, and how they engage in low-stakes AI challenges to foster familiarity and comfort with AI technologies.

The zen of resilience - Discussion with Dan Grabski

22 March, 2024

You need docs and headspace when a well-oiled system inevitably throws a flat tire. With Dan Grabski we talked from car racing through tech execs mediating at Burning Man, forest fire incident management systems and early expectations setting all the way to API docs and back again.

Writing with humans in mind - Discussion with Ryan Young

13 March, 2024

Ryan Young (Technical writer at Stripe) shares his thoughts on bridging the gap between different content layers and writing for humans in a digital world.