Inclusion and Accessibility - some suggestions from fellow documentarians - Interview with Ilona Koren-Deutsch

Episode 14

API The Docs Podcast


We ask Ilona Koren-Deutsch about the Women in APIs initiative, and her advice on how to diversify a team. We talk about considerations to ensure accessibility for your content, and what can propel the company-wide use of a conscious inclusive style guide. Where should you be channel agnostic as a techwriter? Does feedback need feedback?

Tune in to find out, where to get mentoring and support, how to take an active role in empowering other women in the industry, and how to create equal opportunities, regardless of gender, language barriers or other impairment issues.

The hosts are Laura Vass (Editor of the Developer Portals Newsletter, Co-Founder of Pronovix) and Ádám Balogh (Technical Writer at Pronovix).


Women in APIs 


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