Getting into the tech industry through technical writing - Interview with Carolyn Stransky, Frontend Engineer at Bryter

Episode 18

API The Docs Podcast


Former technical writer, previously a journalist and now fronted engineer, conference speaker and workshop organizer. Tune in to learn about Carolyn's career journey.

  • How did she transition from journalism to technical writing and how did her previously acquired journalism skills support that journey?
  • Why and how did she become a software engineer?
  • What was her role in the Google Season of Docs program that connects experienced technical writers with the open source community?
  • What does humanizing your documentation mean in practice?
  • How to write a good FAQ page to best support the onboarding process?

In this episode we are exploring a new topic that hasn't been touched on yet over the API The Docs podcast series.

The host is Anett Pozsár (Senior Technical Writer, Pronovix).


Google - Season of Docs


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