DevPortal Awards Jury Interview - Special Edition Part 3


The API The Docs Podcast brings you a Special Edition series with insights from the 2023 DevPortal Awards.


Each year, the DevPortal Awards seeks the most outstanding solutions with the help of experienced jurors, who are volunteers with extensive knowledge of API programs, developer portals, and API documentation.

In the Special Edition series, we share interviews with the jurors which were recorded during the online Awards Gala events in November, 2023.



In this episode, Anne Gentle (Developer Relations Leader at Cisco DevNet), Bob Watson (Senior Technical Writer), and Michael Richardson (Advanced Software Engineering Manager at Kroger) share their perspectives about how developer portals can incorporate gamification into their workflows and why user experience research and design are important.


Tune in and also learn about

  • Emerging focal points in developer portals compared to a few years ago
  • Practices they hope to see abandoned
  • Surprising or innovative approaches observed during their evaluation
  • Solutions they envision, even if currently in the realm of science fiction


Enjoy the interview!


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