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Episode 05

API The Docs Podcast

At the 6th API The Docs Virtual event Egan Anderson, head of developer experience at Galileo, explained ways companies can prioritize developers’ needs. Larry Kluger, lead developer advocate for DocuSign, presented how to create easy to use graphical drag & drop tools for creating and trying complex API requests. Michael Haberman, co-founder & CTO at Aspecto, explored maintaining API production while using microservices to collect data and by that, help development and testing phases. In the Q&A panel of the event, they reflect on their talks and provide further insights on:

  • What are the milestones in API documentation processes?
  • How to make sure all advocates are being heard during the development?
  • How to boost morale & excitement in an internal audience when it comes to API initiatives?
  • Which is a better approach: design-first vs. code-first?
  • Why use Blockly library for API exploring?
  • Is there a need to develop own libraries for open source APIs?
  • How to make your APIs self-documenting?
  • Which are the instances when reducing the number of your services is recommended to maintain your system?


Also available on API The Docs podcast. E05 and API The Docs podcast. E05