Change management on large & complex documentation sets

Episode 03

API The Docs Podcast

On 13th May in the API The Docs virtual event Sarah Day, technical writer at LaunchDarkly, shared how you can incorporate API documentation in the big picture for overall efficiency in your organization. Riley Siebel, director of Developer Experience at, and Mark Winberry, director of US Operations at Pronovix, presented a case study on providing a good DX with docs-as-code regardless of your system’s complexity. In the Q&A panel, they reflect on their talks and provide further insights about the following topics:

  • Do you have any advice for tech writers in a larger organization who must get buy-in at multiple levels of leadership? How do you get understanding and support from other departments to help drive advocacy when getting buy-in?
  • Have you done any research about where to host an API's docs compared to the API itself?
  • What kind of documentation tool did you use before you moved to docs-as-code?


Also available on API The Docs podcast. E03 and API The Docs podcast. E03