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Sponsorship options of an API The Docs edition in 2020


API The Docs is a conference series for practicing and prospective technical writers, API developers, API team leads, product owners, developer evangelists and any other people interested in the documentation side of the transformation that APIs bring to the world.

The conference is meant to be a “platform”, an “information hub” – it creates an excellent opportunity to share, discuss and learn about the latest trends and best practices of developer portals and their API documentation components.


API The Docs brings together people from Europe and North America who use, develop and design developer portals and work with API documentation. In addition to raising brand awareness, the conference is an excellent opportunity to

  • Build relationships and engage with high-quality participants of the industry

  • Reach out to a (new) target audience

  • Increase awareness around a new product launch

  • Reposition an existing product


API The Docs is looking for sponsors to create the best conference possible. If you want your brand to be part of the conference, check the following sponsorship packages and contact us at

API The Docs sponsorship packages


API The Docs is open for custom sponsorships too. Here are some options to consider:

  • Speakers’ dinner with venue & drinks & snacks (pre-event program)

  • Lunch

  • Media sponsorship (eg. pre or post-conference blog post)

  • Post-conference image video

  • Networking reception with drinks & snacks (post-event program)

Past conferences were kindly supported by Apigee, MongoDB, Mozilla, Netlify, Nexmo, ABN Amro, GDS UK, SlashData and Buildkite.



The conference series returned to Amsterdam with a special edition in October 2019. To fulfill the request of the API The Docs community, last year’s European edition was the first ever two-day event with talks, unconference sessions and many networking opportunities. Day 1 was dedicated to talks from speakers selected through our call for proposals, and Day 2 was an open space conference where attendees set the agenda – it was an opportunity to find peers who are dealing with similar problems (e.g. scalability, industry, organizational demands).

Since the API The Docs team received good feedback about the new 2-day format, we aim at bringing it to North America and Europe in 2020 too.


The conference covers a wide variety of topics:

  • API portal strategy & tactics

  • Top portal showcases

  • Portal technologies

  • Developer portal metrics

  • Developer portal features, components, and products

  • API team workflows & best practices

  • API specification languages

  • API design and governance

  • Developer experience design, gamification, and innersourcing as tools to improve API quality behind the firewall

  • Localization & internationalization of API docs

  • Documentation accessibility

  • DocOps, Docs as Code, CI/CD case studies

  • Career topics

  • Editorial workflows & writing formats and how they can be used in API team

We pay a great deal of attention to assemble high-quality talks and create a conference program that covers a wide variety of topics. The Selection Committee values originality and rejects direct sales pitches.