Rainer Loopere

Rainer Loopere

Katana DP

Combining user feedback with API metrics to improve DX

About the talk: 

Learn how Katana pairs user feedback with API usage metrics to improve the Developer Experience. Katana utilizes Intercom through the Developer Portal to answer questions and gather use cases and feature requests. All API endpoint and field usage data is tracked via an API analytics platform. Katana studies both qualitative feedback and usage metrics to plan further API improvements. API usage data is also linked to the company's central data platform Segment for better understanding of API's impact on business.


About the author:

Rainer joined Katana (https://katanamrp.com/) in 2020 as API Product Manager and started building out Katana's public API and Developer Portal (https://developer.katanamrp.com/). After that, Rainer led the API & App Marketplace team responsible for Developer Experience, Tech Partnerships, App Marketplace, and driving Katana on the journey from product to platform.


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