Serah Njambi Kiburu

Serah Njambi Kiburu


Feedback cycles and their role in improving overall developer experiences

About the talk: 

Drawing from experiences from open source work and her time at Spotify, Serah’s talk will (i) cover the challenges, opportunities and hacks around proactive and reactive monitoring, processing, tracking and acting on stakeholder and community feedback, and (ii) argue for the centricity of well-defined feedback loops in improving the overall developer experiences for any product and features you are responsible for.


About the speaker:

Serah Njambi Kiburu is a computer scientist by training and a writer. As a Senior Developer Advocate, she is constantly finding ways to improve the experiences developers have while using tech artefacts owned by Spotify. Her experience and interests in the last decade have revolved around (i) all things open source, (ii) listening to, working with, and empowering communities, (iii) developing and implementing strategies for building and scaling technical product, and around community building, outreach, and the sustainability of established communities.