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By the time they're reading the docs, it's already too late

About the talk: 

Your relationship with a developer begins before they even know your product's name. In fact, before they know they need a product like yours.

In this talk, Matthew will make the case that developer marketing, developer experience, and developer education are part of a continuum. And that if you're thinking of documentation as something that happens only after someone has signed-up for your API, then you're leaving it too late. He'll draw on pedagogical and marketing research to propose a model for the developer learning journey where traditional API documentation is just one stop along the way.

Attend this talk and you'll come away with practical ideas for how to start educating developers earlier in their product evaluation and learning journey.


About the speaker:

Matthew runs Hoopy, the developer content agency, helping clients to reach, engage, and educate developer audiences. He is also the founder of the DevRelCon series of conferences and the world's largest library of DevRel content at