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James Noes


Optimizing Dev Portals with Analytics and Feedback

About the talk: 

Making informed decisions on which features to prioritize in a developer portal can be a daunting task. In this session, we'll show you how to leverage experiments, data, and user feedback to evaluate their potential and refine your approach. We'll explore how testing ideas with minimal investment, akin to an MVP, can help you avoid building features that don't meet your users' needs.


About the speaker:

James Noes is a Product Manager at The Kroger Co. in the Cincinnati area. He oversees the building of a modern API Platform, which includes Kroger’s Developer Portal (developer.kroger.com), and API Enablement. He has a diverse background in product management, visual design, and technical writing. James is passionate about applying a user-centric approach to creating a seamless and intuitive developer experience.