Jozef Zeman

Josef Zeman

DX Heroes

Developer journey - make it easy for devs to love your product

About the talk:

Want to learn how companies make their easy to use for developers? If so, you are ready to learn about developer journey, its analysing, mapping and improving touchpoints so that devs around the world fall in love with your solution <3

Ever wonder how some products are just lovable and easy to use while other are not? The good products have optimized onboarding into their ecosystem where you get the information served at the right time.
That’s thanks to developer journey and we will teach you how to get it right!
We will go through the basics such as how to analyze existing and non-existing developer touchpoints, set metrics and optimize them to increase the conversion.


About the speaker:

Josef, the lead DX analyst at DX Heroes, has been with the company since its beginning. On his job, he combines daily skills of business analysis together with technical analysis. This gives him the opportunity to apply his experience to the analysis of the development experience, which is intertwined with both directions.

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