Jan Vlnas

Jan Vlnas


Why your API doesn’t solve my problem: A use case-driven API design

About the talk: 

API docs frequently fail to address developers’ needs by omitting common usage scenarios and use cases. Let’s take a look at good and bad practices for documenting API use cases, and take steps to ensure that developers get from our API and docs what they really want.

You wrote an API specification, documented your endpoints, and published SDKs. Here’s a question, though: Does your API actually solve your users’ problems?

API providers often fail to address common use cases to solve users’ needs, or their assumptions don’t match the reality. This may end up in frustration and loss of users.

In this talk, we will take a peek into developers’ mindset. I will show how to better understand the developers’ needs by researching the usage patterns, existing libraries and 3rd party experience layers, provide examples of good and bad practices, and suggest actionable steps to improve developer experience for your API.

About the author:

Jan is a developer advocate and full-stack developer at Superface. His focus is on easing developers' pains with API integrations and elevating developer experience. Besides work, Jan teaches web development with Czechitas, a non-profit group focused on increasing diversity in IT, and enjoys learning about histories of information and hypertext.


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