Emese Hallgató

Emese Hallgató

What do developers do when it comes to understanding and using APIs?

About the talk: 

"It turns out there is no single answer. Developers may have unique goals, motivations, constraints and challenges, and all of these influence how they approach the problem in front of them. However, more than a decade ago, three development styles were identified - systematic, pragmatic and opportunistic - and the academic literature suggests that these still exist today.

Two of the three approaches, the systematic and the opportunistic pattern, can be considered as opposite extremes, while the pragmatic approach is situated in between and is similar to both. It is not a personality trait - people may approach a situation one way or another depending on their circumstances, goals and motivations (however, they may also have a preferred approach, which is usually their characteristic).

Understanding the differences between these patterns (and the different needs) helps us to design in a way that serves most of the users, and even helps them to get into a state of flow by providing the optimal level of challenge to solve their problem."


About the author:

Emese is a UX researcher at Pronovix. Originally a psychologist with a PhD in cognitive psychology, she has 10 years of experience in scientific research and a passion for data analysis.

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