Chris Weber

Christoph Weber


One Developer Portal to Document Them All

About the talk:

APIs in a modern enterprise are rarely uniform or all of the same type. The multitude of API types can be due to organic growth, mergers and acquisitions, or any number of other reasons. Regardless of their origin, APIs of all types need to be fully documented to facilitate a developer’s journey as they interact with your API ecosystem in order to develop useful applications. In this talk I will show examples of how we have augmented developer portals to document APIs that are not of the REST variety, such as AsyncAPI, GraphQL, SOAP, gRPC, and more, such that all API documentation can seamlessly live side-by-side.

About the speaker:

Christoph is a creative and versatile technical leader who can present complex subjects in plain English. He has extensive experience managing demanding computing projects and partnering with stakeholders of all stripes to optimize solutions. He is also a regular speaker at technical events, and in his spare time builds furniture that align with his penchant for simplicity.


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