Art Garcia

Art Garcia


Make it Easier to Release Release Notes

About the talk: 

When sending release notes on a piece that’s gone into production with 100 different services, screens, and teams, how do you let people know what is in the delivery? You could collect the information on all the builds and documentation, compile it and then publish... Or you could automate the process using a simple extension. In this talk, Art Garcia will share with you the development and use of the extension to make releasing release notes easier by generating a wikipage, and the security tooling workarounds you may need to use depending on your companies’ security practices.


About the author:

Art Garcia is a hobby pilot and Senior Program Manager in Commercial Software Engineering (CSE) at Microsoft. CSE is a global engineering organization that works directly with the largest companies in the world to tackle their most significant technical challenges. He serves his team first as an advisor, reviewing and vetting customer requests. Once the projects are in flight, he advises and oversees the projects to ensure commitments to our customers are met. His strength is translating business needs into efficient and effective solutions and with over two decades as a developer, he is uniquely positioned to approach the ‘business side’ with an engineering mindset. 


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