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Verizon mindset around API value proposition

About the Talk

Today, Verizon is keenly aware of the transition customers are making towards programmatic consumption of data and services. We are focused on delivering network value through access to differentiated network capabilities and insights and in the process contemplating different commercial models into this space. Will speak to what value we offer today and going forward.

About the Speaker

Steve began his career in 1991 at AT&T Bell Laboratories, in Napervile, IL, as a software developer for the 5ESS, a real-time, UNIX based class 5 switching system. He remained at AT&T for the next 7 years developing an appreciation for software development and wireless network engineering. Staying true to the Bell-system, Steve moved to Colorado in 1999 to lead USWest Wireless' roll out of their CDMA system. In 2004, he joined Ericsson as a systems engineer modeling EVDO capacity and designing reverse-link loading algorithms. 3 years later, Steve joined Qwest (formally USWest) as Director of Advanced Technologies where he was responsible for developments across several product domains including video, internet and in-home services. Given the opportunity to live in Europe, Steve moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands, in 2012 where he was responsible for designing and building B2B Voice and Data Products across Europe as Director of Product Development for Liberty Global. He returned to the USA in 2016 with Centurylink working with a number of very talented engineers investigating and developing a number of innovations including a commercial blockchain deployment complete with its own VR based operations center. Now at Verizon since 2020, Steve has been leading Product Development for Edge Compute involving Data and Network Services which includes different Go-To--Market motions such as APIs. Along his journey, he has been granted 18 patents.