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Pedro Ondiviela

A New DevPortal Findability Experience: Holon Discovery

About the talk:

The feeling that a developer gets while navigating a DevPortal can create a learning environment, a different way to approach documentation through UX and dynamic interactions. An important part of this experience is the search and discovery of documentation, that can be boosted through design and innovation. Empathy is going to share the strategy and process behind the new discovery experience in Empathy Platform Docs, an evolving and self organizing system where each category is simultaneously a whole and part of something bigger.


About the speaker:

Pedro Ondiviela is a talented and accomplished frontend developer who has made significant contributions in technology and design during his professional career at Born in northern Spain in the ‘90s, in the middle of the massive growth in Internet adoption and technology, Pedro grew up with a deep passion for design, animations and technology innovation.

Pedro's educational background includes a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from a prestigious university in Spain and a Master's in Interactive Design that allowed him to merge visual aesthetics with intuitive functionality. Driven by his technological spirit, he embarked on his professional journey by joining different technology companies as frontend and UX roles, until landing at His dedication, expertise, and open-minded character allowed him to rise through the ranks, eventually assuming mentoring positions for associate members. 

With a deep love for the arts, you might be surprised to discover him immersed in the world of painting, effortlessly transforming blank canvases into captivating visual narratives. Driven by his exploratory nature, Pedro has embarked on a new venture as a co-founder of an e-commerce site. Here, he showcases and sells his own unique designs, capturing the essence of his artistic expression.

With his extensive experience in web design & development and his passion for art, Pedro continues to make his mark in the digital and artistic world and serves as an inspiring example for those seeking to merge creativity with technology in the Company.