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Milk, Eggs and API's - Evolving an API Strategy at Kroger

About the Talk

What does it take to bring order from chaos in a legacy API architecture? Over the past 5 years Kroger Technology has been on a journey to improve our API developer experience. We've evolved our API platform to solve significant challenges with discovery, accessibility, reusability, and consistency while creating new opportunities for integration with internal and external systems. We invite you to join us as we share our story and insights.


About the Speaker

Michael Richardson is a software developer, conference speaker, developer community organizer, and outdoor enthusiast. Michael has written software in JavaScript, Java, Kotlin, C#, SQL, Cypher, and even VB.NET. He particularly enjoys mentoring junior developers, clearing roadblocks, and finding common ground. As an engineering manager at Kroger, Michael helps deliver Kroger's unified API platform, creating value for Kroger developers, partners, and customers. He helps to organize the Momentum Developer Conference, the Cincinnati Software Craftsmanship meetup, and the HackCincy hackathon.