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The 12 Facets of the OpenAPI Specification

About the Talk

In this session, we'll introduce how Cisco Engineering leverages OAS to drive API quality and state-of-the-art developer experience. We'll then describe OpenAPI best practices, tools and processes built internally and open-sourced, as well as the benefits for Cisco partners and customers. Join this session to hear from the best practices and lessons learnt when standardizing on OAS for organizations with a massive internal- and external-facing API portfolio.


About the Speaker

Adrienne is a Filipina software engineer and technologist at heart. She takes great delight in solving complex problems and building awesome things, particularly with C# and JavaScript. Most of all, she relishes in the opportunity to teach anyone about code. Currently she's a Software Engineering Technical Leader & Senior Developer Advocate at Cisco.

Speaking at tech conferences is a passion of hers and she loves sharing her knowledge in .NET, Azure, C#, JavaScript, IoT, and best practices for collaborating in an open, fair, and inclusive manner. 

She's the author of the book Coding for Kids: Python where she breaks down programming concepts for kids 10+ (and those with no programming background but are eager to learn!) She's also a LinkedIn Learning instructor that specializes in Cloud Development.