One-day conference about API documentation and developer portals

API the Docs is a free event for tech writers, API developers, product owners and developer evangelists who embrace documentation as a crucial aspect of a great developer experience. We believe the conference is a great opportunity to share and discuss the latest best practices, strategies and new trends relevant to API documentation.

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Ben Hall photo

Ben Hall

Ocelot Uproar

The Art of Documentation and

Jessica Parsons photo

Jessica Parsons


The Best of Both Worlds: A Git-Based CMS for Static Sites

Daniele Procida

Daniele Procida


What nobody tells you about documentation

Rosalie Marshall photo

Rosalie Marshall


Creating consistent API documentation in government

Jaroslav Machan photo

Jaroslav Machaň


Opening a door to a sleeping Castle

Jennifer Riggins photo

Jennifer Riggins

How can API documentation become inherently agile?

Andrew Johnston logo

Andrew Johnston


Documenting GraphQL at Shopify

Daniel D Beck photo

Daniel D. Beck

410 Gone: documenting API deprecations and shutdowns


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