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Can Affordance Catalogs power up your Dev Portal?


Michael Hibay is an API and hypermedia enthusiast with over 10 years experience building API platforms across a variety of industries. He has consulted on APIs for many Fortune 500 companies as well as startups, and designed numerous API governance strategies along the way. Currently he is helping everyday investors succeed as the CTO at Vestisocial.com.


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Do you document API services or capabilities? An API catalog’s goal is to provide a consumer experience that effortlessly conveys platform capabilities. While building our API catalog it’s very easy to fall into a trap of documenting API services uniquely for every case, and this can undermine our goal. One way we can avoid this trap is to focus on capabilities, or Affordances, which can span many use cases and streamline consumer understanding. Let’s explore the concept of an Affordance catalog, and see if it could help our consumers achieve their goals faster.