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Test developer experience, not code

API Days Paris, 2021, 8 December, 11:55 am CET.

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Content and technical writer since 2016. Working closely with product, development, and QA teams on API design and maintenance of API references and supporting documentation. Constantly on the lookout for ways to research and improve developer experience, overcome usability biases, and help developers and writers advocate for their needs.


Talk description

We will talk about the importance of testing developer experience with API documentation and ways to incorporate and carry it out smoothly. How do we estimate developer experience through the lens of complexity, build cooperation around docs testing, and enhance usability? What can we take from practical applications of complexity theory in software and digital products development and apply it to how we treat docs and address developer experience? When the goal is making API documentation an integral part (at least it should be) of the product or service, we need to think about documentation usability, connect with people who build and use it, and define ways to increase it.