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Stefan Mesquita

Deutsche Bank

How implementing an internal developer portal is driving digital transformation

About the Talk

Stefan will focus on Deutsche Bank’s internal Developer Portal and how it enabled the transformation from a monolithic and mainframe-driven to an API-driven organization. He will demonstrate the challenges the organization faced before an internal Developer Portal was in place and how the portal helped overcome these challenges. The presentation will cover topics such as API discovery, transparency of APIs across the organization, API quality and monitoring as well as finding the right balance between UI driven and CI/CD driven activities in the API Management. In addition, Stefan will cover the agile way of introducing a developer portal and reacting to the unique needs of the organization.


About the Speaker

Stefan Mesquita is Chief Product Owner for API Platform at Deutsche Bank and has more than 13 years of experience in the financial industry. His focus is on agile methodologies, product development, leadership, and cross-cultural communication. He is responsible for the development and maintenance of both internal and external API platforms, driving API consumption across the organization and enabling the integration of multiple products into a single API platform. In addition, he supports agile transformation to transition the company to a product-centric approach.