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Bridging the Gaps: How an Internal Developer Portal Empowers Engineering Autonomy

About the Talk

In large organizations, like ours, navigating scattered information and hidden tools can challenge engineers' autonomy. Our solution? An Internal Developer Portal (IDP).

We will unveil how our IDP reduced cognitive load, unified dispersed data, exposed hidden tools, clarified service ownership, and helped engineers help themselves. We'll share how we promoted self-service to minimize bottlenecks.

Our journey wasn't all smooth sailing: we faced challenges, such as dealing with a heavy GitOps infrastructure, defining proper RBAC, creating traction and educating teams.

Join us as we unpack our IDP journey. We believe our story will offer insights for your organization to ease cognitive load and enhance your engineering autonomy.


About the Speaker

Omar Abdelrazik is the product owner of Ayden's internal developer portal and is leading the Unified Infrastructure Services team in the platform engineering solution. The team is focused on building products with the goal of providing a unified experience to engineers where they can find and consume infrastructure services and resources easily with a special focus on promoting the self-service culture.