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Tests: the next step for docs-as-code

About the Talk

API code examples are paramount to developer success, but maintaining code examples can be difficult with a rapidly evolving, multi-language codebase. Learn how we adapted our systems to allow a test-based approach to code examples in API documentation to tackle this problem.

When consulting API documentation, many developers use code examples as starting points, possibly even more than the prose itself. Therefore, providing comprehensive and accurate code examples is essential for developer success. Maintaining these code examples, however, can be challenging. This is especially true in a fast-paced startup environment with frequent updates and multi-language support. In this talk, we will share our test-based approach to maintaining code examples in our documentation. We will discuss the unique challenges of maintaining multi-language code examples within a rapidly evolving codebase and offer insights into our test-driven methodology. The presentation will cover our test automation strategy, the tooling, and our collaborative workflow. We will highlight best practices and showcase real-world examples to demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach in improving the quality and accuracy of code examples in our documentation. Join us as we explore how a test-based approach can facilitate developer success, and scale your documentation efforts.


About the Speaker

JP finds joy in technology and learning, as well as empowering others to do the same by helping to distill complex technologies into relatable concepts. He currently works as the Technical Curriculum Coordinator at Weaviate, facilitating education for vector databases and data science topics. When he’s not working, JP enjoys immersing himself in the worlds of games and sports. You might spot him working on his serve on the tennis court, enjoying a basketball game with a refreshing beverage, or engaging in spirited board game sessions.