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Technical writing as a startup inside a startup: how to drive internal developer success

About the Talk

Is doing something on a smaller scale easier? When it comes to tech writing in a startup vs. an enterprise, I’d say it’s just as challenging as running your own startup. Let’s talk about the development of tech writing in a startup and why documenting internal APIs is crucial for developer success.

It’s often assumed that doing something on a smaller scale is easier. When it comes to technical writing in a startup versus an enterprise, I would argue that it’s just as challenging as running your own startup. In this talk, I will discuss what led FINN to prioritize internal API documentation from day one and invest in hiring technical writers. I will share the challenges I faced as the company’s first tech writer and how those challenges have changed over time. I will invite you to look at tech writing in a startup as a separate startup itself and show how this perspective has helped me to ensure internal developer success.


About the Speaker

Elizaveta is a senior technical writer who creates internal API documentation for FINN, a German startup selling car subscriptions. Her experience as a tech writer started with end-user documentation for a large enterprise, and progressed to writing public API documentation. Her last challenge before joining FINN was writing documentation for managed databases and other cloud-based services.

Elizaveta would like to see tech writing as a career path known to a wider audience, and enjoys sharing her experience to increase awareness of the profession and to encourage aspiring tech writers.